Overcoming Victimization

The spirit of victimization has two purposes:

1. To attract attacks against the person who has a victimization spirit

2. To convince that person that they will always be a victim and that they deserve to be victimized

You become susceptible to the victimization spirit through generational inheritance or trauma

When you are physically, sexually or emotionally abused, that opens a door to the victimization spirit

Verbal abuse can be as bad or worse than physical abuse

Other traumas such as accidents, loss of a loved one, etc. can also open the door to the victimization spirit

Unless you close the door, the victimization spirit begins to operate within you in several ways

It constantly reminds you of the trauma and tries to make you think it’s your fault

It tells you that you could have and should have done something to prevent the incident

It tells you that you deserved it because you are no good, worthless, etc.

It seeks your agreement that you will most likely continue to be a victim  

It tells you that you have been abandoned by God, and deservedly so

It tries to get you to blame God for your situation

All of this constructs a stronghold in your mind (2Corinthians 10:4-6 – see the separate topic of Strongholds on the Soulful Healing submenu)

And, this produces a victim mentality that is a magnet for further attacks
Ultimately, it becomes your identity and you become a perpetual victim

The way it attracts attacks is to hook up with a spirit in another person which then stirs up that person to attack you in some manner as though you were wearing a sign that says, “abuse me

These cohort spirits include hate, anger, condemnation, criticism, abuse, etc.

Usually, the attacking person doesn’t realize that they are being stirred up by a demonic spirit

Once the victimization spirit takes hold, it can also begin to open doors to other demonic spirits

These can include hopelessness, inferiority, selfpity, despair, discouragement, rejection, bitterness, illness, poverty, etc.

They then encourage you to take selfdestructive actions to reproduce the trauma you think you deserve

But it’s not just trauma that it attempts to inflict, but also physical deterioration, financial decay, failed relationships, lack of success in life, ultimately trying to lead you toward suicide

Most of the time, victims don’t realize that they have the victimization spirit

Instead, they keep repeating the victimization behavior pattern over and over and over again

And, they wind up feeling violated, cheated, powerless, trapped, angry, bitter

They blame themselves, others or God, but seldom realize the root cause

Many people with a long-standing spirit of victimization simply give up, believing there’s nothing that can be done about it

This includes many Christians who’ve received prayer over and over again about more readily perceived problems in their lives, the outward manifestations, but not the root cause. Meanwhile, the spirit of victimization remains hidden

Christians can be delivered of the other spirits but they are drawn right back again by the spirit of victimization (the strongman) which reopens the door either by attracting further attacks or by getting you back into the victim mentality state

Many ask why God doesn’t just heal you miraculously

With all the wounds you have and lies you believe, ripping it out of you all at once can leave you confused, shattered, mentally unstable and emotionally bereft 

It would be akin to pulling a vine out of a garden after it has entangled itself around all the other plants and flowers. Ripping it out all at once could destroy the garden (like the wheat and tares – Matt. 13:29)

So, then, how do you get rid of the victimization spirit? There are five stages:

1. Repent over having allowed the victimization spirit to operate in your life, asking Jesus to forgive you and to cleanse you from all the unrighteousness and wounds to your spirit, soul and body (1John 1:9)

2. Break the generational curse  (if it exists)

3. Tear down the mental stronghold

4. Cast out the victimization spirit

5. Refill the empty stronghold (house) with the Holy Spirit and replace all the lies with the Truth of God– i.e. reclaim the ground!

Refer to the appropriate topics for details on Generational Curses (Predispositions), Strongholds and Dealing With Demons

The following material is supplemental to these topics as they relate specifically to the victimization spirit

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