About Us

The Gospel of Grace ministries were first started in the natural which then yielded separate internet websites which are now being consolidated into this one website. The physical ministry locations have all been shutdown due to the retirement of the founders and key ministry staff. However, you can reach us by email if you have any questions or comments about the materials contained herein.

Our Gospel of Grace Outreach Center was first established in 2001. Later we added a Food & Clothing Bank. From that grew our Lion of Judah Church. Next evolved our Soulful Healing  and Spiritual Edification counseling ministries and the Isaiah 60 Ministry which is focused on preparing people for the endtimes that are coming soon.

The Spiritual Edification, Soulful Healing and Isaiah 60 Ministries websites have now been completely moved here. The Lion of Judah website in in the process of being moved here, but there is a link to get to the origional site as well.

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